Public Art Exhibit
When his book Newburgh: Portrait of a City was published in 2012, my husband Dmitri Kasterine wanted the photos shown in the city. Thinking of his photographs of abandoned buildings, I suggested mounting the pictures on the many boarded up windows that are part of Newburgh’s landscape. He liked the idea and we went about finding a building and raising money.
To realize the idea, I assisted Dmitri with on-the-street videos, created photo essays and contacted community organizations. 
I promoted the Kickstarter campaign through social media, finding that people responded to the story of an 80 year-old photographer falling in love with one of America’s most troubled city. I discovered that teachers were espescially supportive and arranged speaking engagements in schools. Local and national news organizations reported on the project.
Over 15K was raised through Kickstarter, grants and private donations, with volunteers mounting the show and spreading the word.
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